Breeding farm

Our ambition is to breed with four mares, by way of a strict selection policy. Our mares must present an extra value with regard to performance, character, health and exterior. Step by step closer to the perfect sport horse.

At the moment Konnevanck, Oenogretto, Ufolette and Adorijke wil have to fufil this assignment.


Konnevanck is the first mare with which we bred a foal on the Stud farm Zoomvliet: Concorde from the Zoomvliet (father Valeron).

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Oenogretto was bred by Dr. Thielen in Alphen. In the year 2000 Oenogretto produced a stud foal from Negro, with the name Negretto.

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We bought Ufo when she was a five year old mare. At that time she was not yet trained and had not seen anything from the world yet. But she had a really interesting paper and a very powerful hindleg.

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Adorijke was bought as a foal, because of her good descent with a lot of sports in here family and because of her pretty appearance.

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