About Studfarm Zoomvliet


We breed our foals ourselves on the farm; that's  how we hold the reins. Summer or winter, the horses  come into our hands every day; every day we take them inside and outside on a rope. This way  they have the possibility to stretch their legs to their satisfaction. We feed them in accordance with the latest views. This breeding policy, combined with selection on health, shows a very good result at the time of the X-ray  screening at the age of 2,5 years. Something we are very proud of!

Maternity care for your mare/foal

As from 2013 we offer professional  support for the delivery of your foal. If you do not have any experience with the delivery of a foal, or your do not have the time or the possibility to sit up during the last days of the gestation, your mare can stay with us.

Intensive supervision can prevent serious complications. We aim at continuous  surveillance by way of using camera's and the "Jan Wolters system" (chip in the vulva), if necessary completed with Birth Alarm. Immediately after the birth the colostrum is being checked on quality. Later on, the quantity of antibodies in the foal's blood is being checked too.

At the stud farm Zoomvliet, veterinary Ingrid Franse is doing these check-ups.

Horse pension

Stud farm Zoomvliet  also offers pension stables on a small scale.

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