Studfarm Zoomvliet was established in 2006. From an outdated  pigsty the farm has been changed into a well equipped horse farm. Spacious stables, a lot of attention for the breeding policy, a daily trip to the paddock for all horses, and wind- and weather proof outside lanes. The knowledge that nowadays there is a great demand for quality above quantity, is the line of action on our breeding farm. Furthermore it is our aim to breed a healthy sport horse that, besides a lot of talent, also has a good and cooperative character. For this purpose we only work with healthy mares from lineages that have proven to be performance horsesand we select very strictly.

After the breeding period  the horses are being trained on our farm.  During the initial training the horses get all the time they need for their development. For every horse an individual training plan will be drawn up, suitable for his or her age and level of development . Our ultimate aim is to present to you:  a talented horse that is pleasant to ride.

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